Discover the Ford Transit Custom tuning kit: Boost your vehicle with style!

Are you ready to transform your Ford Transit Custom into a powerful and stylish machine? Discover the tuning kit that will enable you to improve your vehicle’s performance and give it a unique, personalized look!

Customize your Ford Transit Custom to your taste!

Exterior customization


The first step in personalizing your Ford Transit Custom is the paintwork. Choose a color that reflects your style and preferences. Whether you like classic tones or bright, bold colors, paint is an essential part of giving your vehicle a unique look.

Body kit

For a more aggressive look, consider installing a body kit. Redesigned front and rear bumpers, wider rocker panels and an added spoiler can completely transform the appearance of your Ford Transit Custom. Make sure you choose a kit that suits your tastes and enhances the style you’re looking for.

Interior personalization

Steering wheel and gear knob

Details count inside your vehicle too. Opt for a leather or alcantara sports steering wheel for better grip and a more dynamic look. Similarly, replacing the gear knob with a customized model can add a touch of originality to the interior of your Ford Transit Custom.

Upholstery and lighting

Don’t overlook upholstery and lighting. Comfortable bucket seats with contrasting stitching can enhance the comfort and style of the interior. Adding LED mood lighting can create a personalized atmosphere inside your vehicle.

Performance customization

Sport exhaust

For those looking to enhance the performance of their Ford Transit Custom, a sport exhaust can be an interesting addition. Not only can it slightly increase power, but it also offers a sportier sound that enhances the driving experience.

Wheels and tires

Wheels and tires are key elements in tuning. Uniquely styled rims and the right tires can not only enhance your vehicle’s looks, but also influence its performance on the road. Make sure you choose the right size rims and quality tires for optimum driving performance.

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Optimize your vehicle’s performance with the Ford Transit Custom tuning kit.

Improve your engine’s power

1. Electronic chip:

Install a microchip to increase the power of your Ford Transit Custom. This modification will allow better combustion management and a significant increase in engine torque.

2. Optimized air intake:

Opt for an optimized air intake to improve the flow of air entering the engine. This results in more efficient combustion and increased vehicle power.

Optimize transmission performance

1. Reinforced clutch :

Replace the original clutch with a reinforced model for more efficient transmission of engine power to the wheels. This will improve your Ford Transit Custom’s acceleration and acceleration.

2. Sport gearbox:

Invest in a sport gearbox for quicker shifts and more dynamic driving. This will optimize your vehicle’s performance, particularly in terms of acceleration.

Customize the look of your Ford Transit Custom

1. Matching wheels and tires:

Choose wheels and tires adapted to your needs for better grip on the ground and a personalized look. Lighter rims will also improve performance by reducing unsprung weight.

2. Aerodynamic body kit:

Opt for an aerodynamic body kit to reduce drag and improve the stability of your Ford Transit Custom at high speeds. It will also give your vehicle a unique, sporty look.

3. Customize the interior:

Add customized accessories to the interior of your vehicle, such as a sports steering wheel, bucket seats or a stylized gear knob. This will enable you to create a cabin that reflects your image, and enjoy your journeys to the full.

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Express your personality through your vehicle

A space to suit you

Your Ford Transit Custom is much more than just a means of transport. It’s a space that accompanies you on all your adventures. Tuning gives you the opportunity to personalize it so that it truly reflects your identity and lifestyle. Whether you’re passionate about sports, travel or music, you can transform your van into a cocoon to suit your passions.

A unique design

One of the main advantages of tuning is that you can create a unique design for your Ford Transit Custom. Customized wheels, a body kit, an original paint design – all these options are available to make you stand out on the road. Give your imagination free rein to create an eye-catching vehicle.

Enhance the performance of your Ford Transit Custom

Boost its performance

Tuning isn’t just about looking good. By modifying certain parts, such as the engine, suspension or exhaust, you can considerably improve the performance of your Ford Transit Custom. More dynamic driving and sharper acceleration will give you a feeling of unrivalled power.

Tailor-made driving

Every driver has his or her own driving preferences. Thanks to tuning, you can adapt your Ford Transit Custom to your driving style by fitting, for example, a sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals or a customized gear knob. This customization will give you optimum comfort on the road.

Get ready for adventure

Customized equipment and accessories

Whether you’re a wilderness camper, an outdoor sports enthusiast or simply an adventurer at heart, tuning your Ford Transit Custom allows you to add tailor-made equipment. From roof racks to storage compartments, from towbars to underbody bars, equip your van according to your needs, so you’re ready to face any situation.

An interior to suit you

The interior of your Ford Transit Custom is a personal space where you sometimes spend long hours. With tuning, you can transform it into a real cocoon by adding bucket seats, comfort accessories like a mini-fridge or specific storage for your favorite activities.

Express your passion through your tuned Ford Transit Custom

Tuning your Ford Transit Custom is much more than a simple aesthetic or technical modification. It’s an expression of your passion, your lifestyle and your personality. By personalizing your van, you create a unique bond with your vehicle and make it as unique as you are. Let your imagination run wild and transform your Ford Transit Custom into a rolling work of art that will catch everyone’s eye as you drive by.

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Personalize the exterior of your Ford Transit Custom

1. Custom paintwork

2. Wheels and tires

3. Body kit

Optimize your vehicle’s performance

1. Engine upgrades

2. Sport exhaust system

3. Reinforced suspension

Look after the interior of your Ford Transit Custom

1. Bucket seats

2. Sport steering wheel

3. Premium audio system

Accessorize for a unique look

1. Rear spoiler

2. LED lighting

3. Custom stickers and decals

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